Welcome to the new and improved Another Fine Mess site!

Updated (finally!) with a new look, new PROJECTS and an active SUPPLIES page. We hope you like the changes; please feel free to comment at the email address located on the CONTACT page.

NEW! this time around:

Mossberg 500 Info:

  • Changing the Magazine Spring and Follower.
  • Mossberg 500 Washer Tip.

H&R/NEF Misc. Info:

  • Making a Better Huntsman/Sidekick Breech Plug Tool
  • Fitting the Steel Trigger Guard.
  • F12 Review.
  • Repairing An Old Model 058

Downloadable Turkey Patterning Target

SUPPLIES Section Active:

  • Where to Get the Good Stuff

The Patriots Page:

  • BONUS for our Military - Cool Gear Links

Enjoy! - perklo

Remember! The rules of Gun Tinkerin' are DON'T DO IT if:

  • You can't follow all firearm safety rules.
  • You won’t take it to a professional for repair if it fails a safety function test after modification.
  • You don't want to void your factory warranty.
  • You don't feel sure of your skills.
  • You can't afford to fix it professionally if you mess up.
  • It is five days until hunting season and it is your only hunting firearm.
  • You stake your life on that one firearm daily.
  • You can't follow all firearm safety rules.

My first project, the KelTec trigger overtravel stop modification, is presented  in web-page format, so you can see the amount of detail that I plan to present in each project. Rather than making .html pages for each project, however, I will present this and every other project in downloadable .PDF format.

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